This section contains the resources produced from the project which can be downloaded and used to develop your own course curriculum or to include in projects.

Centrestage paper mache strengths tree which children populate with their strengths written on paper leaves and pin to the branches of the tree
Concept drawing mapping out the assets and the transition during the restructuring of a social service department


Miller, H. K., McIntyre, R., McKenna, G. (2018). Collaborative design of Open Educational Practices:  An Assets based approach. Reception date: 22 January 2018,  Acceptance date: 13 March 2018 DOI: Praxis, vol. 10 issue 2, April–June 2018, pp. 191–199 (ISSN 2304-070X)2018 Open Education Global Conference Selected Papers.

Website link:

PDF download link: Open Praxis-833-2939-2-PB

Mesko, G., Lobnikar, B., Prislan, K., and Hacin, R. (2018). Criminal Justice and Security in Central and Eastern Europe: From Common sense to Evidence-based policy-making, 25-27 September 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia, University of Maribor Press.

PDF download link: CJS-final-ZUM