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To deliver the project ambition we have assembled a five-country partnership from Higher Education comprising combined expertise in youth inclusion, crime prevention, policy analysis, civic and political participation and community learning and participation. Each partner has considerable existing networks of excellence, and opportunities for international stakeholders to engage with the project. Engagement includes online and social media, a virtual engagement event and end of project conference. The project legacy will include the building blocks for a virtual community assets network, a European Academy and the foundations for the establishment of a fully accredited European Masters programme in Community Learning and Participation. The project will refresh approaches to community engagement, will contribute to mobility and virtual mobility and equip the workforce to lead reform and champion evidence–informed approaches to community enhancement through harnessing untapped talent within the European Community.

Participating Higher Education Institutions

Five Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) participated in the design and construction of the COERS. Each partner HEI involved in the project nominated a COER lead who was responsible for overseeing the completion of their COER. The design of each COER was led by a different country and developed through a collaborative process. The lead country and the institution and the focus of each COER are shown in the table:

Erasmus Plus Project
Country Institution Stakeholder COER
Denmark University of Syddansk (USD) The Danish Prison and Probation Service Partnership and Networking
Finland University of Laurea Youth services Vantaa and MarjaVerkko NGO Theory and Praxis
Italy University of Bologna The Local Health Services of Forlì and the Local Health Services of Parma Mapping the Context
Scotland University of the West of Scotland (UWS) lead country Centrestage, Wheatley Group, and Social Services Identity and Inter-professional Working
Slovenia University of Maribor Sistemski pristop k medvrstniškemu nasilju v VIZ (NasVIZ) and Center otrok, najstnikov in aktivistov (CONA) Leadership and Management